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Myssage Ball Set

Myssage Ball Set

  • Perfect density, perfect size, perfect shape! New solid blue color, same great quality!
  • ✔ ON-DEMAND PAIN RELIEF: The Myssage Balls have a unique shape and density that penetrates deep tissue and multiple layers of muscles. They break up adhesions in the fascia, providing a deep tissue massage. The Myssage method of “movement under pressure” hydrates the connective tissue, increases neurological connections and relieves tension.
  • ✔ DEEP PRESSURE, TARGETED: The texture of the Myssage Balls will allow you to precisely target a variety of aches and pains throughout your body, helping to relieve neck & shoulder stiffness, sciatica & lower back pain, tight hips, IT Band Syndrome, TMJ, Headaches, Plantar Fasciitis and more!!
  • ✔ PORTABLE & PRACTICAL: Great for the car, home or air travel use, Myssage Balls are your portable solution to pain relief. These balls are lightweight, compact & can fit in your car, purse, suitcase or anywhere you need a little on-demand pain relief.
  • ✔ ALLEVIATE STRESS & TENSION: The Myssage Balls put the power of healing in your hands. Not only do these balls help to relieve pain, but they can also help alleviate stress and tension throughout your body, along with improved posture, circulation and faster muscle recovery time.
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