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Juniper Bowers - Story of Myssage

Juniper's Story of Myssage


    I was only 25 years old when my body began to ache.  It was not an especially painful or unbearable pain, just a dull ache that was constant.

    After the birth of my son, at 27 years old, I began my journey to take my body back.  I began with Iyengar Yoga. But then I discovered Thai Massage & Rossiter--which is based-on Rolfing Techniques.  I obtained training in each and have been teaching ever since.


      I worked hard to strengthen my body through my own practice and through the trainings I had received.  but still was not succeeding in eradicating the dull achiness that had taken up residence in my body.

    A few years ago I learned about the possibility that fascia stagnation was the issue.  I synthesized all the knowledge I'd been acquiring and after years of refinement, Myssage Practice was born. 


I tried all the balls and rollers out there to try to pin down the pressure right where it was needed and none were successful.


I designed Myssage balls after the Flower of Life Geometric Shape and finally Myssage Balls were born.  The design allows the self-masseuse to pin-point and lock down pressure in order to unlock their fascia.

  I am and always have been an information synthesizer. Taking two things or more and combining them to create something new.  Myssage is a continuation of that journey.

    I recently began helping people take their bodies back at the Lotus Center in Silver City, New Mexico and look forward to teaching the Myssage Method to others.  


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