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​​Myssage Method is designed to :

  • Relieve Muscle Pain

  • Increase Mobility and Flexibility

  • Help Release of Pent-up Tension

  • Promote fascial release

  • Be Easy and Convenient

Myssage Balls - Fast, affordable pain relief

The Myssage Method is a combination of Thai Yoga Massage, Rossiter, and other self-healing philosophies. 

For more on the benefits of myofascial release, here are two great articles:  1  and  2

Fascia (or myofascial system) is a layer that surrounds the muscles of the body.  The sensory nerves housed within fascia are the pathways of communication traveling from the body to the brain.  They inform the brain of  joint position, alignment and any need for healing.   Fascia is the information highway of the body, but unfortunately, adhesions are the roadblocks.  

Adhesions are snags in the fascial tissue which stop  circulation of blood, lymph and sensory nerve input from moving freely.  Adhesions create tension which can lead to pain or injury.  

Fascia, in its healthy state is soft.   With age, overuse or injury the fascia can become hard and brittle.  Myssage helps return the fascia to a pliable state, restoring  range of motion in the joints, clearing adhesions and re-opening the information highway.

What is Fascia?
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