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Myssage Bundle - Balls and Guide

Myssage Bundle - Balls and Guide


Myssage Balls and Myssage Guide Set --  Save $10 when you purchase both together.  


Myssage Balls are specially-designed to get into your sore spots and aid in myofascial release.  


Placement, Pressure and Movement are key to getting maximum results from Myssage Balls. The Myssage manual guides you through over forty exercises to release tension throughout your entire body!


Myssage is a do-it-yourself myofascial release technique that pinpoints and releases tension at the joints where the connective tissue joins muscle and bone. The Myssage technique is simple and effective. Students are guided to place the Myssage balls beneath their body to create a comfortable pressure on specific locations. Then, they are instructed to move through a series of movements under pressure, to soften the connective tissue and release tension. Myssage works in a variety of ways to release tension. First, it awakens and softens the muscle tissue with gentle rocking, circular rotation and organic movements based on the structure and function of the joint being worked. Then, the pressure is increased by pinpointing the muscles and the matrix of the fascia this movement under pressure softens the fascia, and as it softens, it re-hydrates. The connective tissue is the home for a vast network of sensory nerves sometimes referred to as the “body’s brain”. The practice of Myssage will tune you into your body’s signals and deepen your body awareness. It is a powerful physical therapy technique that makes you feel better; clear, light and comfortable in your body. Repetitive motion and overuse of certain muscles dehydrates the connective tissue and creates adhesions in the fascia. Myssage is a preventative measure that will prolong your ability to focus on the things you love.

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