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Fascia Reclamation Kit

Fascia Reclamation Kit


If you are serious about reclaiming healthy fascia the Fascia Reclamation Kit is the complete package! The kit includes the scrubber, the cup and the flusher. Used in sequence, the scrubber activates and stimulates, the cup separates and hydrates, and the flusher flushes and clears away the old goo and makes way for the new you!


The Fascia Scrubber is used to stimulate circulation and increase sensory nerve imput in the superficial fascia.  The fascia scrubber breaks up adhesions and re-hydrates tissue.  The softening of the fascia stimulates healing and tension release.  


The silicone suction cup is used to create space between layers of fascia by lifting the skin away from the muscle and bone.  This immediately hydrates the tissue, improving circulation and boosting lymphatic flow.  Use the cup with oil on the skin as a great resource to improve your massage practice.


The fascia flusher presses through the superfial fascia to iron out fascial adhesions or sticky knots in the fascia that act an obstruction to the flow of lymph, blood, energy and nerve signals.  The fascia flusher is used to stimulate blood flow to muscles, flush lymphatic fluid for detox, and increase collagan production. 

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