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Myssage Tools for Pain Relief

Myssage Method for simple and  effective pain relief .


Please send me a link to Myssage Weekly! A Series of five how-to videos to inspire my weekly practice.



What is myssage?

Many more videos on YouTube!


"Juniper and Myssage are amazing!  Myssage Balls are activating areas I didn't even know were stagnant."  

--Evin, horseback rider

 "I wish I had known about this when I was competing and training.  I remember just pushing through all that pain.  Now it just isn't there, and I am amazed.  Here's to less pain!"

--Cindy, Cyclist and Trail runner

Myssage Founder - Juniper Bowers

  • Body Maintenance Tools and Techniques

  • DIY Fascial Massage

  • Myofacial Release Exercises

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